Game of the Wealthy: Privately Kept Sweetheart Treasure 豪门游戏:私宠甜心宝贝 – Chapter 5: Marry Me

Chapter 5: Marry Me

Luckily, he slowed down right away and Xia Lin stopped worrying. “Mr. Ling, even if you don’t care about your own life, you should be considerate of others. It’s too easy to get into an accident at high speeds like that.”

Ling Yi Zhou glanced sideways at her. He smiled as he said, “I bought this land. It’s not developed yet. Nobody’s here.”

“Oh…” Xia Lin choked. She felt awkward about what she had just said.

She was about to open her mouth and bring up the other choice he mentioned, but Ling Yi Zhou’s cellphone on the dashboard started vibrating. The screen lit up.

Ling Yi Zhou looked at her and didn’t pick up.

The second time it vibrated, Xia Lin couldn’t help but remind him, “Someone’s calling your cell.”

Ling Yi Zhou slowed all the way down and finally picked up his phone. “Grandma.”

Xia Lin couldn’t help but giggle. Such a cold and arrogant man was someone’s grandson. She thought that was amusing.

By her side, Ling Yi Zhou gave her a look and she quickly stopped laughing. She didn’t expect that he would then put the phone next to her ear, only saying, “Answer.”

The hell I’m answering! Xia Lin really wanted to swear at him. Why should I answer your grandma’s call?

But an extremely affectionate voice came through the phone. “Young lady, what’s your name?” Xia Lin softened immediately.

“I… I’m Xia Lin… Yes, Lin with two Mus. Birthday? August 13th.” Xia Lin looked at Ling Yi Zhou for help, but he only paid attention to his driving and didn’t even glance at her.

“Do you have a nickname?” On the phone, grandma was still asking.

“Yes, my nickname is Mu Mu. Um, Grandma Ling, I’m going to hand the phone to Mr.Ling now.”

“Hold on.” Grandma Ling asked with a happy laugh, “Mu Mu, you’re in Yi Zhou’s car right now, right?”

“Uh, yes.”

“Where in the car are you sitting?”


“Haha, great. Don’t bother giving the phone to Yi Zhou. Tell him to come home to visit me when he has time.”

Xia Lin hung up and gave the phone back to Ling Yi Zhou. “Your grandma said to go home to visit her when you have time.”

“Marry me,” Ling Yi Zhou said suddenly.

Suddenly, the car was so quiet you could hear the two of them breathing. Xia Lin thought she misheard or imagined it. She rubbed her ears. Only then did Ling Yi Zhou turn to take in her expression.

The next moment, Xia Lin wanted to exit the car in a fit of fury. “Ling Yi Zhou, stop the car! That’s way too overboard. What do you think I am? Besides, marriage is a big deal. You must be used to being a playboy, to say something like this!”

Yet Ling Yi Zhou faced her rage with unexpected calm. “My family is pressuring me to marry. Incidentally, you need a reason to convince me to donate my come my bone marrow to you. Also note, I’ve never been a playboy.”

“What does your family pressuring you to marry have to do with me? Your grandma is so nice. You can’t change her mind? Why is it so difficult for you to help someone out of the kindness of your heart, just once? Besides, do you want to be married to someone with whom there’s no affection for your entire life?”

“If it’s you, I’m willing to try.” Ling Yi Zhou finally stopped the car. “Think it over.”

Xia Lin felt Ling Yi Zhou was really peculiar. He really was an unscrupulous businessman. He wanted payment for even just a bit of bone marrow. She got out of the car and said right away, “No need, Mr. Ling. It’s not worth considering at all!” After that, she walked away with any hesitation.

From inside the car, Ling Yi Zhou watched her walk away. His eyes flickered between brightness and dimness. In this world, there was reality and fantasy, but most people preferred to stay in fantasy, with its romance, honeyed words, and wantonness.

Xia Lin returned to her dorm and fell into her bed. She had spent the past several days chasing Ling Yi Zhou in the wind and in the rain. She was tired, so tired. She never expected that that would be the request he made. What could he be thinking!

Someone suddenly pushed hard on her stomach. Xia Lin reacted by sitting up and holding her hurt tummy. “Fei Fei, stop playing around. My body can’t handle this kind of abuse.”

Her best friend Jia Fei loved to greet people like this. But Xia Lin rubbed her tummy. Her body really couldn’t handle any abuse right now.

“Mu Mu, are you still feeling down because of that bastard Zhao Jia Yan?” Jia Fei pulled her into a hug. “These days you’re always leaving early and coming back late. Are you going somewhere to hide while you cry? Where have you been hiding? How come I haven’t been able to find you?”

Jia Fei’s big bosom was almost going to suffocated Xia Lin, but Xia Lin was worried she would only upset Jia Fei again. So she stayed in her embrace to avoid the topic.

That’s right, the day after she was diagnosed with leukemia, Xia Lin saw with her own eyes: Zhao Jia Yan, her boyfriend of six years, in an embrace with her roommate, Qin Jing. They were kissing passionately outside their dorm building.

The whole building had cheered them on.

She had collapsed into a heap of misery.

When Jia Fei slapped Zhao Jia Fei furiously for her, she realized she didn’t even have the courage to interrogate Zhao Jia Yan.

They had known each other since high school. They had only another half a year until college graduation. They had even promised mischievously to give each other their first kiss and their first night on graduation night. Yet Zhao Jia Yan couldn’t wait even half a year.

“Zhao Jia Yan is leaving the country tomorrow, with Qin Jing,” Just Fei said. “I really should’ve just given that bastard a beating back then, hit him until his face looked like a pig. So that he can’t get past customs and leave the country!”

Just then, the door to the dorm room opened. Qin Jing entered. She saw Xia Lin, and looked away in remorse. Without a word, she started packing.

There were few women over in the production department. Qin Jing was actually the quietest. Zhao Jia Yan was the type who was keen on crowds and rock and roll. Xia Lin hadn’t expected him to like someone like Qin Jing.

“Huh, I was wondering who’s back. Isn’t this the future repat?” Jia Fei had also been with Xia Lin since high school and watched Zhao Jia Yan and Xia Lin’s relationship get stronger every year. Suddenly, this happened. She was the most angry bystander!

Plus, with her rash personality, there was no mercy in her words. Xia Lin didn’t stop Jia Fei. She also wanted to know what kind of explanation Qin Jing would give.

Qin Jing bit her lower lip. Suddenly, she turned around. “Xia Lin, I’m sorry!”

“You think an ‘I’m sorry’ is enough?” Jia Fei pointed at Qin Jing. “Qin Jing, ask your conscience how Xia Lin has treated you all these years. When you spiked a fever, she carried you to the school hospital in the middle of the night. Look at your relative heights and weights. I really don’t know how she carried you that day. And all the time you’ve spent talking because you had classes together. How could you get together with Zhao Jia Yan without saying anything? Have you ever considered Xia Lin’s feelings?”

Qin Jing closed her eyes and cried. She could only keep repeating she was sorry.

Xia Lin’s face was also smeared with tears. She pulled Jia Fei back. “When did you two start seeing each other?”

Qin Jing paused. Her lip trembled. She answered after a long moment, “A year ago.”

“What?” Jia Fei jumped up. Xia Lin slumped down listlessly, her face paled. A year. Haha. She really wanted to go somewhere and scold her stupid self for three days straight.

“Mu Mu, what’s wrong?” Jia Fei hugged her, no longer having energy to yell at Qin the affair partner.

“Fei Fei, you said just now Zhao Jia Yan is leaving the country tomorrow?”


“I want to see him one last time.”

Game of the Wealthy: Privately Kept Sweetheart Treasure 豪门游戏:私宠甜心宝贝 – Chapter 4: Another Choice

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Chapter 4: Another Choice

Just now, their eyes met and it made Xia Lin a bit nervous. Her cheeks reddened. It was only when she saw he was leaving that she reacted and hurried to follow him.

She followed him all the way to the changing room. Ling Yi Zhou held up a pair of swimming trunks. “Want to change together?”

Xia Lin turned around quickly. “No, no, Mr. Ling. I’ll wait until you’re finished changing.”

When he finished changing, Xia Lin hard an even harder time looking directly at him. His lean upper body kept swaying in her vision. His v-line went down all the way to… She didn’t dare to keep following it down. For the first time, she realized that the Gangdong magnate everyone loved to talk about had such a great figure.

Ling Yi Zhou just went around her and entered the swimming pool through the direct passage. Xia Lin went to follow, only to notice that everybody around seemed to have disappeared. It was only the two of them in the large swimming pool.

Ling Yi Zhou already jumped into the pool and swam far away using a practiced style and rhythm. Xia Lin saw that and sighed. With his speed, it was a shame he didn’t participate in the Olympics to bring glory to the country.

Then, she saw that he had already turned around and was swimming back. Xia Lin hurried to grab a towel from the side and waited for him obsequiously.

Ling Yi Zhou got out of the pool and saw her offering the towel with both hands. But he glanced elsewhere. “Mr. Ling, did you get out?”

Ling Yi Zhou took the towel from her hands and walked to a lounge chair to sit down. After a long moment, he finally said, “Speak. What is it?”

Finally, she could speak. Xia Lin got so excited, she didn’t know where to start. She asked him, “Mr. Ling, how do you think I look?”

Ling Yi Zhou paused in wiping water away. He considered her seriously. “Tolerable.”

“No, I mean my mental wellness. How about that?”

“Tolerable.” Ling Yi Zhou had the same response.

“Intolerable.” Xia Lin suddenly became melancholy. “Mr. Ling, I had a nosebleed a few days ago. I bled all over the floor. I went to the hospital for a checkup. The doctor said I have leukemia.”

“Oh.” Ling Yi Zhou threw the towel aside. “That’s really unfortunate.”

“You’re wrong again!” Xia Lin watched him with a pair of bright eyes. “Mr. Ling, the doctor said I’m extremely fortunate. He said the bone marrow registry lists someone local whose a perfect match with me.”



Ling Yi Zhou looked at her for a long time. Then, he stood up to walk towards the pool.

Xia Lin yelled loudly, “Mr. Ling, I know leisure and exercise are very important to you. Even so, I’m still very young, do you really have the heart to see me die from lack of treatment?”

Ling Yi Zhou entered the water with a thump, but he didn’t swim. He just hung out in the water, feeling the pressure from the water with his eyes closed.

Xia Lin lay down on her stomach, and spoke into his ear. “Mr. Ling, the doctor said there’s no risk to your life. The worst would be that you might feel a bit weak. Don’t worry, I’ll buy the best supplements for you. I still have many dreams. I’d rather be poor as a churchmouse than die just like this.”

“What if I have a kidney deficiency?” Ling Yi Zhou asked suddenly.

“Um…” Xia Lin scratched her head and forced herself to smile. What an awkward question. “It’s just the bone marrow. It has nothing to do with the kidneys.”

Ling Yi Zhou remained silent.

Thinking he was still worried about his kidneys, Xia Lin explained, “I know you men all really care about this, especially since you have such a beautiful movie star girlfriend right now. But it definitely won’t–“



“Get in.”

Oh, he said to get in. Xia Lin thought he said to be quiet. But why would he want her to get in the water?

“Mr. Ling, I don’t think that’s a good idea. This is your private pool. Besides, I haven’t changed my clothes.”

“Get in.” The same two words.

Xia Lin thought he had the potential to be a great repeater. But right now he was the one in charge. She was the supplicant and her life was on the line. Xia Lin didn’t dare to disobey. She tested the temperature and then bravely jumped in.

But somehow she forgot it was the deep end. The water reached Ling Yi Zhou’s shoulders but went straight up her nose. She didn’t know how to swim and struggled to try. “Help.”

She touched Ling Yi Zhou’s arm, and immediately tried climbing up his body as if her life depended on it.

The pool water streamed from the top of her head, drop by drop onto Ling Yi Zhou’s skin. She was like scared and helpless drowned cat.

He asked, “Can’t swim?”

“Yeah, Mr. Ling. Sorry.” Xia Lin also thought this position was not good. They were too close, but the water was deep here and she couldn’t let go of him. “Mr. Ling, can you help me? I want to get out of the pool.”

Ling Yi Zhou was still as a rock.

“Mr. Ling!” Staying in this position, clinging to a strange man, was going to give Xia Lin a breakdown.

Only then did Ling Yi Zhou pull her away. He held her by the waist, used a bit of force, and lifted Xia Lin onto the poolside. He stood in the water, enjoying her figure shown through her soaked clothes. Actually, this plain Jane had curves in the right places. His lips lifted to a small smile. “Learn to swim and I’ll consider your request.”

Xia Lin hurried to cover herself. She saw that he got out of the water, too, looking like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. “Mr. Ling, you’re purposely making it difficult for me. When I have learned to swim, my condition may have deteriorated. Besides, you said you would ‘consider’, not that you would actually agree to it.”

“Not bad. Great listening comprehension.” Ling Yi Zhou used a large towel as a cape and walked toward the exit, looking like he was done swimming. “If you want me to agree to your request, you actually have another choice.”

“What choice?” Xia Lin followed him doggedly towards the changing room, but was shut out door with a bang.

“Mr. Ling, can’t you finish talking before changing?” Xia Lin suddenly felt a draft. She turned and surprise, stonefaced Wen Li stood behind her.

His expression was cold as he pointed to her. “Name.”

Xia Lin pointed to herself, too. “Me? Xia Lin. Xia, as in summer. Two Mus…”

“Miss Xia, go change.” Before she even finished talking, Wen Li threw a white dress at her. Then, he pointed to the changing room on the other side.

Xia Lin looked down at herself, then quickly spread out the dress to cover herself. Her clothes were really too see through. She couldn’t go outside like this at all. Thinking this, she decided to listen and ran into the changing room on the other side.

In order to finish changing before Ling Yi Zhou, she didn’t even look at the style of the clothing and ran out a bit like an idiot. Coincidentally, Ling Yi Zhou came out of the changing room just then, too. He saw her, paused, and then continued on his way.

“Hey, Mr. Ling, you didn’t finish talking earlier.” Xia Lin caught up with him. When they exited the building, there was a car outside. Ling Yi Zhou went straight to the driver’s seat.

“What are you doing now?”

“Going for a drive.” Ling Yi Zhou made a sign to Wen Li, who was standing by. Wen Li came over to open the car door for Xia Lin.

“Miss Xia, please have the discussion in the car. Don’t detain Mr. Ling from his drive.”

Xia Lin got in the car, with the passion and resolution reserved for the fate of her life. But as they drove off, she regretted her decision. Did Ling Yi Zhou really just want to go for a drive?

“Slow down, Mr. Ling. This is really dangerous!” She yelled while clutching the seatbelt. Yet, she could only hear the sound of trees rushing by. She couldn’t see anything in front.

Translator’s Notes:

“Kidney deficiency” is a Chinese medicine diagnosis that includes sexual dysfunction.

A “repeater” is an electronic device that plays back whatever you say. It’s most commonly used to learn a foreign language. You would speak into it and it would play back what you said so you can hear your own pronunciation.

Lin (林) = forest. Mu (木) = wood. ‘Lin’ is written as two ‘mu’ characters side by side.

Game of the Wealthy: Privately Kept Sweetheart Treasure 豪门游戏:私宠甜心宝贝 – Chapter 3: Mr. Ling Likes Fan Shuang Shuang

Chapter 3: Mr. Ling Likes Fan Shuang Shuang

If anybody had passed by, they would’ve definitely thought Mr. Ling had forced Mrs. Ling to sign this marriage contract.

But the reality was just the opposite. Xia Lin had chased after Ling Yi Zhou to sign this contract.

That day, on the first day Xia Lin tried to see Ling Yi Zhou, she criticized herself: impulsive, impulsive, impulsive.

But other than going by impulse, she couldn’t come up with another plan.

In the true center of Gangdong, there was the Gangdong Tower. To use the city to name the tower was something only Ling Yi Zhou could do.

It was storming that day. Xia Lin was soaked, as she begged security, “Sir, I really have to see your Mr. Ling for an important matter.”

Security looked her up and down once. “What matter can you have with him? Let me tell you, as a young lady, you need to stop constantly plotting to marry into fame and fortune. Sir wouldn’t care for a plain Jane like you.”

Xia Lin choked. “I’m not here to seduce him. I have other matters. It’s really very important to me.”

“Other matters?” The security guard took her measure again. Just in case, he asked, “Does Sir know you?”

Xia Lin smoothed back the wet bangs on her forehead. “He doesn’t.”

“If he doesn’t, then what matter can you have?” The security guard didn’t say any more and shoved her aside. “Don’t block the way. Go do whatever you’re supposed to be doing.”

But an hour later, the security guard came out to look. He saw she was actually still crouched in a corner, hugging herself and shivering.

“What are you still doing here? Mr. Ling is about to come down. If he sees you screaming and shouting here, that’ll be the end for me.” He slapped his thigh, turned to signal several other security guards to drag her away.

“Really? Did you say he’s coming down? Hey, what are you doing…” She didn’t even finish being happily surprised before being thrown out into the rain by two security guards.

Just then, several cars drove towards the main entrance. A man with a tall and wide silhouette headed out from the tower, walking securely towards the car under his assistant’s big umbrella.

The rain made Xia Lin vision blurry. She couldn’t really tell if this was Ling Yi Zhou or not. She rushed up without thinking. “Mr. Ling, wait! Don’t leave yet!”

But Ling Yi Zhou didn’t hear. He had already gotten in the car. Xia Lin hurried. When the assistant was about the close the door, she grabbed the car handle with all her might.

That was how she finally entered Ling Yi Zhou’s gaze, deep, clear, and even a bit compassionate. Xia Lin was gladdened. She thought maybe this Mr. Ling wasn’t as difficult to approach as the rumors claimed.

She blurted, “Mr. Ling, I’ve waited 21 years for you.”

That sentence made Ling Yi Zhou speechless with astonishment. The assistant, too. Everybody was speechless. In fact, the security guard from earlier was the first to react.

The security guard muttered, “And she claimed she wasn’t here to seduce Sir. ‘Waited 21 years’… Bullshit. So saccharine I’ve lost my appetite for dinner…”

Ling Yi Zhou stopped staring. “This young lady must be so soaked from the rain that she’s not mentally well. Wen Li, don’t bother to stay with me. Take her to the hospital.” So saying, he closed the car door himself. Xia Lin couldn’t stop him at all.

Seeing the car about to leave, she chased after it a few steps. “You’re the one who’s mentally unwell! No, that is… Oh, right, hospital. Mr. Ling, please come to the hospital with me.”

Unfortunately, she didn’t catch the car. Instead, the car splashed water all over her shoes.

Xia Lin turned to look. An assistant with an aura as chilling as a ghost was staring at her. “Miss, please come with to the hospital.”

On the way, Xia Lin kept trying to start a conversation with Wen Li.

“Mr. Wen, where is Mr. Ling going?”

“Mr. Wen, will Mr. Ling come to Gangdong Tower tomorrow?”

“Mr. Wen, you… Your last name is very unusual.”

Through it all, Wen Li didn’t say a single word to her, no matter what she said or asked. Xia Lin was losing all hope with his unresponsiveness.

The second day, Xia Lin went to the Gangdong Tower, but it was pointless. Ling Yi Zhou wasn’t there.

The third day, she went again. Ling Yi Zhou was there too, but just refused to see her. That security guard gave her a harder time, too.

“Sir, I really have an urgent matter. I have to talk with Mr. Ling. It’s life or death. Do you see how sincere my eyes are?” Xia Lin used both carrot and stick.

The security guard glanced at her. “I believed the sincerity in your eyes last time. And what happened? Didn’t you catch Mr. Ling to confess to him? Let me tell you, you’re done. Mr. Ling seems to really like Fan Shuang Shuang lately. Sir handpicked her to be the company’s spokesperson last time.”

“The Fan Shuang Shuang who just won the Golden Rabbit Award?” Xia Lin’s mouth was as wide as a duck egg. Immediately, she thought she focused on the wrong thing. “No, this has nothing to do with Fan Shuang Shuang. I’m really not here to confess to Mr. Ling.”

The security guard took one last look at her. Then he left, shaking his head. “Words from girls like you cannot be trusted.”

Xia Lin was so angry, she stomped her feet and turned in place a couple of times. But there was nothing to do. She patted her empty stomach. She went across the street to buy a hamburger, then came back to wait. But before she could take even one bite, someone reached over and took away her hamburger.

“Hey, you…” Xia Lin looked up and was startled. Wasn’t that the stonefaced assistant, Wen Li?

Wen Li still had no expressions and no warmth on his face. “Miss, eating this at the Gangdong Tower is bad for Ling Co’s reputation.” Then, he simply threw it in the garbage can on the side.

Damn you! Xia Lin watched her food fly away, and swore at Wen Li in her head. But she quickly schooled her expression. “But I’m hungry. If I don’t eat, I can’t keep waiting here. If I don’t keep waiting here, I won’t get a chance to see Mr. Ling. You threw away the food to fill my tummy, so…” So you should take me to see Mr. Ling.

Wen Li said through gritted teeth. “He’s very busy.”

“Then when is he not busy? I can wait on him any time.” She said it without thinking. Then she saw the look Wen Li was giving her, as if she was an escort. She cleared her throat. “Mr. Wen, please don’t misunderstand.”

“Sir will go to Qing Xian Pool tomorrow to swim.” Wen Li left her with this.

Xia Lin jumped for joy. That meant Mr. Ling would see her. She immediately felt the whole sky seemed brighter, and the birds chirping were unusually melodic.

The nest day, Xia Lin ate lunch and then headed to Qing Xian Pool way early. It was only when she got there that she learned the place was a specialty swimming pool built with Ling Co investment. Super expensive, and by invite only.

Xia Lin asked the receptionist, “Excuse me, has Mr. Ling arrived yet?”

That person glanced up at get. “Not yet.”

“Oh. Then I’ll… wait for him.” Xia Lin pointed to the long sofa in the lobby.

The receptionist didn’t say anything. Xia Lin felt that they were truly much nicer than the people at the Gangdong Tower.

After waiting about ten minutes, she noticed movement near the entrance. Then several sets of footsteps were getting closer. Xia Lin rushed to stand up, to approach. As expected, it was Ling Yi Zhou.

She gave Wen Li a meaningful look for passing this information to her yesterday. She wasn’t going to let Ling Yi Zhou get away this time, no matter what. She blocked his way. “Mr. Ling, last time I went to the hospital, the doctor said…”

“Whatever you have to say, say it in a bit.” Ling Yi Zhou interrupted her. He bent down slightly, and stared at her until she froze in her spot. Then he walked around her to go inside.

Translator’s notes:

Xia Lin actually gets called “little bok choy” rather than plain Jane. The meaning is similar. A little bok choy is the opposite of someone/something with meat (curves) on them. It also implies a certain naivety/immaturity.

Wen Li gets called “zombie” rather than stonefaced. But Chinese zombies don’t rot. They’re stuck. I considered translating it as “Botox face”, but that didn’t have the right tone. Urban dictionary also suggested “Dutch face” but I don’t know if that’s a widely used enough term to make sense here.

Also, I’m using my phone to do a lot of the translations. So apologies for #damnyouautocorrect mistakes.

Game of the Wealthy: Privately Kept Sweetheart Treasure 豪门游戏:私宠甜心宝贝 – Chapter 2: Any Objections?

Chapter 2: Any Objections?

She was too familiar with this voice. She knew who it was without raising her head. Xia Lin finally reacted, and pushed him a few times in a confused hurry. She also backed up three yards.

Ling Yi Zhou was pushed back half a step. He squinted at her slightly. We haven’t seen each other for over a month. This is how she treats me?

Xia Lin felt a bit awkward under his gaze. She turned to hide the stains on her dress.

“Xia Lin, where are you?” Liang Xiao Yu yelled for her, coming out of the bathroom.

Xia Lin ran over in a hurry, and pulled Xia Yu to run in the opposite direction.

“Hey, aren’t we going the wrong way? The room is that way?” Liang Xiao Yu pulled her to return the original way.

Xia Lin held on. “No, no. We can go this way, too”

“But this is the long way around.”

“The long way around… It’s because I wanted a breath of fresh air.”

Liang Xiao Yu didn’t really put up a fight and followed her. Xia Lin sighed with relief. Just when she relaxed, she heard Xiao Yu say while pointing behind them, “I thought I saw a tall and long-legged hottie just now. It’s all your fault that you were in such a rush. I couldn’t even see him clearly.”

“What hottie? What you saw was a pillar.”

Xia Lin led her the long way around to the room. Today was an unlucky day for going out. As soon as she reached her seat, she grabbed her purse to leave.

But before she could leave the room, she was blocked in by the assistant director entering the room.

“Good news, everyone! Over in the VIP room, Mr. Ling is planning the new commercial for Ling Co. They say they want to hire new talent. I recommended our crew’s girls. He agreed to take a look. You should all hurry over and give him a toast!”

As soon as he stopped talking, the women didn’t even bother cheering. They all rushed out of the room, even the middle-aged ones who played grannies. God, Ling Co’s spokesperson… If you got chosen for that, you would immediately be on even footing with even Fan Shuang Shuang!

In that moment, nobody gave way to anyone else. As they left, they pushed the red wine all over the floor.

“Hey, what are you two still hesitating for? Hurry!” The assistant director saw that Xia Lin and Liang Xiao Yu didn’t make any moves and got a bit annoyed. They were so ungrateful!

Xia Lin curled her lips. She still wanted to make it in the industry. She had just offended Fan Shuang Shuang. She couldn’t offend the assistant director now. So she pulled Liang Xiao Yu. “Xia Yu, weren’t you really interested in the distinguished guest? Let’s go take a look, too.”

But they found out when they arrived at the VIP room that the they didn’t get to see the distinguished guest at all. The people who entered all had their heads lowered and didn’t dare look up. They stood in a line. It was a blind pick.

In the room, the only sound was Fan Shuang Shuang’s. She ate as she introduced, “Yi Zhou, today’s pear syrup is not bad. It’s quite delicate. Try some.” Her voice was soft to the bones.

A moment. Then, a low voice. “My last name is Ling.”

“Hehe… Mr. Ling, try some.” Fan Shuang Shuang rushed to cough twice. So many people were listening. The awkwardness turned her whole face crimson.

Xia Lin almost laughed out loud. At this moment, she couldn’t help looking up to take a peek. Fan Shuang Shuang sat beside Ling Yi Zhou, edging closer to closer. Xia Lin could see Fan Shuang Shuang’s large, pale, supple breasts…

A few seconds later, Xia Lin quickly lowered her head, because she had met Ling Yi Zhou’s eyes.

The assistant director was satisfied that the new talents under him stood in a line. So he asked Ling Yi Zhou, “Mr. Ling. What do you think of these new talents? Any that would fit Ling Co’s image?”

“Yes.” Ling Yi Zhou said almost as if without thinking.

Xia Lin was startled. She felt Liang Xiao Yu nervously clutching her hand, and Xia Lin patted her hand. Their journey here was all for a chance for a stage to display their talents. And here, Ling Co would be a golden stage.

The director was ecstatic. “Mr. Ling, really? Who?” If they chose a new talent from under him, he would also raise in value. The director was beaming.

Who knew Ling Yi Zhou would reply, “All quite good. I’m not a professional at choosing roles. I’ll have someone from the marketing department come talk to you next time.”

So that was what he meant. The assistant director sighed in disappointment, but Xia Lin signed in relief. Thank goodness he didn’t mess around.

After they left, she stuffed Liang Xiao Yu back in the room, and left by herself. Some of the directors were still there, so leaving early would mean maybe losing some opportunities. Liang Xiao Yu nodded, didn’t insist on leaving, and reminded her to be careful on the road. She said to not get angry because of Fan Shuang Shuang. It wouldn’t be worth it.

Xia Lin drove her own Volkswagen straight to her apartment. But because she wasn’t practiced and she was nervous, she went as fast as the non-motorised bicycles on the road.

Behind her, a car kept honking at her. Xia Lin was extremely on edge, and was so angry that she even honked back a few times. She thought the driver was really strange. The road was so wide. He could just pass her. Why was he so into “beep beep”-ing at her?

After several minutes, that car really couldn’t stand Xia Lin’s speed anymore and passed her.

But the guy passed her and then stopped directly in front of her! Xia Lin was frightened into an emergency stop and very heroically knocked on the steering wheel. Wasn’t that car in front the true danger on the road?

Yet, why did the car seem so familiar to her?

When Ling Yi Zhou exited the car, she knew why it looked familiar. But it was too late to hide.

Ling Yi Zhou took a few strides with his long legs to reach her driver’s side. He knocked on her window. “My car or your car?”

Xia Lin curled her lips and looked around her. Few people walked on this road, so she dared to say, “I can drive myself back.”

Ling Yi Zhou breathed in and smelled alcohol. “Driving under the influence costs 12 points.”

“I didn’t drink.” Xia Lin straightened up to show him her dress, to show the source of the alcohol smell. “I accidentally spilled on myself.”

Ling Yi Zhou glanced at her small chest, as she straightened her back. He reached in.

Xia Lin hurriedly got into a defensive position, only to find that Ling Yi Zhou reached in to unlock the door. After a thought, she thought of course: Fan Shuang Shuang’s figure was much more impressive than hers, and yet he didn’t make any moves. So she was reassured.

Ling Yi Zhou opened her car door and pulled her out. “You drive too slowly.” He pulled her towards the car in front.

He threw Xia Lin’s keys directly to his assistant who was awaiting orders. “Assistant Wen, drive the car back there back.” Then, he opened the passenger side door to stick Xia Lin in.

Xia Lin hesitated a moment. “I… I don’t want to go to your home today.”

Seeing Ling Yi Zhou’s expression immediately get cold, Xia Lin hurriedly amended, “I mean I don’t want anyone else to drive the car you gave me.” She pointed to his assistant on the side.

But Ling Yi Zhou was closing in on her, step by step. “Our marriage contract, fifth clause: To guarantee enough time for romance, we will spend at least two days together every week. But I went on a work trip for 50 days. That is about 14 days. Any objections, Mrs. Ling?”

He saw Xia Lin’s face screw up in a frown. Ling Yi Zhou reached out and stroked her long hair. “I know you’re not good at mental math. That’s why I did the math for you. Also, that’s not my home, it’s our home.”

Game of the Wealthy: Privately Kept Sweetheart Treasure 豪门游戏:私宠甜心宝贝 – Chapter 1: Lead Actress

Chapter 1: Lead Actress

The crew for “The Grand Feast” finished today. They reserved several tables at the Haitian Building.

Xia Lin was the lead actress… ‘s servant girl. So of course she was put in a regular room.

She was happily eating, when Liang Xiao Yu next to her tapped her arm and said quietly, “Xia Lin, don’t rush to eat. I got hold of some insider information.”

Liang Xiao Yu was also a servant girl. The two of them had the most scenes together and were in the same boat together. Gradually, they became close and would share their thoughts and wishes.

Just like now, Liang Xiao Yu spoke quietly into her ear, “Over in the VIP room, there is supposed to be quite a few hot shot directors and a distinguished guest.”

Here, Xia Lin had thought it was some big news. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t seen important people. So she shook her head that she had no interest.

Liang Xiao Yu saw that she wasn’t excited at all and looked at her sideways. “I haven’t finished yet. Don’t be in a hurry to shake your head. Do you know who the distinguished guest is?”


“Ling Yi Zhou.”

“Pff!” Xia Lin suddenly spat out the tofu she just ate. Luckily, it was to the side, or none of the food on the table would be edible anymore.

Seeing other people giving them peculiar looks, Liang Xiao Yu hurriedly helped her straighten everything up. “Even though Mr. Ling is very handsome and rich, I don’t think you have to get this excited, right?”

A lighting tech next to them heard this exchange and shook his head. “I suggest you give up on Mr. Ling. Fan Shuang Shuang already claimed him as her benefactor. Fan Shuang Shuang is the lady. You are both servant girls. Who do you think Mr. Ling would choose?”

Even though the words weren’t pretty, they were the truth. Liang Xiao Yu faced Xia Lin and sighed. “What a waste. Actually, if we’re just talking about pretty faces, it’s not clear who would win, between you and Fan Shuang Shuang.”

At that moment, the door to the room burst open with a bang. From outside came in a woman with red lips, extravagant makeup, and a ferocious look on her face.

Liang Xiao Yu was startled into standing up. God, speak of the devil. Why had Fan Shuang Shuang suddenly come over to the regular room?

And then Fan Shuang Shuang walked straight to Xia Lin’s side, pulled her up by force, and threw a photo onto her face.

Everybody present froze. Fan Shuang Shuang had bullied plenty of people in the crew while filming the movie, but it was always with mockings and insinuations. She kept plausible deniability and maintained her reputation of being a good person. She had never done anything physical before. What had Xia Lin done today?

Everybody went to look at Fan Shuang Shuang’s photo and then they all gasped.

On the photo was a man, a woman, and an umbrella. The woman had fine, delicate features, and was looking down, but it was obviously Xia Lin. The man had turned his head to the side, looking at her. He stood tall and straight, holding the umbrella steadily.

By the angry and twisted look on Fan Shuang Shuang’s face, it was clear this man was Ling Yi Zhou!

“Talk. What’s this?” Fan Shuang Shuang glared arrogantly at Xia Lin, as if she would tear her into two if Xia Lin didn’t give a good explanation.

To the side, Liang Xiao Yu was also startled and stared at Xia Lin waiting for her to speak. Ling Yi Zhou holding an umbrella for Xia Lin? That was too frightening to contemplate.

Xia Lin got a hold of herself and looked up at everyone lightly. She picked up the photo and pointed to the middle. “No way. You would believe even a photo like this? The two are each standing by themselves. They’re not holding hands or hugging. I can make the same photo in a few minutes using Photoshop cut and paste.”

Immediately, everybody realized that the fault lay with the unscrupulous reporter. Fan Shuang Shuang was also relieved after hearing this. It was true that there was no touching in the photo. When she had seen the photo earlier, she had rushed over with rage. After all, Ling Yi Zhou had always kept a low profile and never had any scandal with women. She couldn’t get an entertainment reporter to take a photo like that even if she wanted.

But why would the reporter compose a photo with Xia Lin? Fan Shuang Shuang stared at Xia Lin, still treating her like a thorn in her side. Impulsively, she reached over to hit Xia Lin’s face.


Xia Lin caught her wrist with a thrill. She got angry, too. “Fan Shuang Shuang, are you crazy? I don’t want this kind of photo at all! When I get home, I’ll ask Shui Jun to make a bunch for you.”

Fan Shuang Shuang saw that Xia Lin actually dared to provoke her. She reached out the other hand intent to hit her face. Xia Lin subconsciously grabbed the glass of red wine at hand to block. She did block the slap, but the red wine splattered like stars across her white dress.

Fan Shuang Shuang swayed a few times. A wisp of bangs fell from her elaborate up-do, making her look quite awkward. She was so angry, just looking at Xia Lin, that her lips trembled. She wanted to rush her, but her assistant suddenly popped up and held her back.

“Shuang Shuang jie…” The assistant glared furiously at Xia Lin and said a few words into Fan Shuang Shuang’s ear.

Beneath the crowd’s gaze, Fan Shuang Shuang’s expression changed faster than sudden rain. One second, she was a malicious shrew. The next, she lowered lashes and straightened her brows as she accepted the mirror from her assistant’s hand. She fixed her hair and drew her eyeliner, and didn’t even forget to pull down a bit the fabric on her chest. Xia Lin stared so hard her eyeballs almost fell out.

“Hmph. Mr. Ling is here. So I won’t bother myself with you today.” Fan Shuang Shuang sneered at Xia Lin before leaving the room. “But I warn you: As long as the movie hasn’t hit the theaters, I can completely erase your scenes at any time.” After saying that, she left, putting on what she thought was her most seductive walk.

Her air was like as if the emperor had summoned his favorite concubine.

If there weren’t so many people present, Xia Lin really would’ve spat on the skirt that she spilled red wine all over. She gritted her teeth. How can she go out and face anyone like this?

Fan Shuang Shuang left, but the room was still silent. Many people were looking at Xia Lin strangely. Xia Lin avoided them and went to the bathroom. She knew very well that Fan Shuang Shaung’s parting sentence made her a pariah. Who would dare to go against the number one girl in entertainment? It was more probable they were all considering how to draw their boundaries with her right now.

“Xia Lin, wait.” Liang Xiao Yu actually followed, pulling on Xia Lin’s dress, under the surprised gazes of the entire table. “I mean, Shuang jie is really too much. You are also a victim.”

Xia Lin held Liang Xiao Yu’s hand. She was really moved that someone still stood by her side at this time.

“Thank you.”

“Why? That photo just now really shocked me! You shouldn’t have revealed so quickly that it was Photoshopped. You should’ve taken that woman down a peg. She’s really too overbearing.”

Xia Lin lifted the corner of her mouth. “Haha, yeah…”

The two tried for quite a bit in the bathroom, but Xia Lin ended up giving up. “Xiao Yu, this red wine won’t come out at all. I think I’ll just head home now.”

Liang Xiao Yu looked up. “Alright. Might as well save yourself from those people’s looks of contempt. Wait a bit. I’ll use the bathroom and then leave with you.”

Xia Lin headed out of the bathroom. There are two downward slopes. She just went down one, when she suddenly heard someone shout behind her, “Mr. Ling!”

Mr. Ling? Where?

She suddenly twisted her ankle and lost her balance, abruptly falling forward.

The next second, someone held tight onto her slim waist. She had jumped into the embrace of a person in front of her. In her ear, a deep and strong voice spoke, “How can you be so careless?”

Game of the Wealthy: Privately Kept Sweetheart Treasure 豪门游戏:私宠甜心宝贝 – Title Page



Original summary

She lost six years of her life to a rat bastard. When she was dying, her boyfriend ran off with someone else.

With no other choice, she walked towards the man with unmatched power and money, who was arrogant and cold. “Donate your bone marrow to me!”

His clear gaze shuttered. “I would never did it for charity. Unless you devote your life to me.”

She yelled, “You’re crazy!”

The man watched her angry silhouette as she left and smiled. Not only was he going to give her his bone marrow, he was going to give himself to her as a package deal.

Translator’s thoughts

This is the novel that Well Intended Love was based on, although it is actually quite different.

Is has almost 700 chapters! I’m actually a pretty busy person so I don’t how if or when I’ll finish, but I’ll be working on this in my spare time. Also, due to the length, I’m not going to really edit it in depth. If you think it needs editing AND you want to edit it, please let me know.

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