Game of the Wealthy: Privately Kept Sweetheart Treasure 豪门游戏:私宠甜心宝贝 – Chapter 5: Marry Me

Chapter 5: Marry Me

Luckily, he slowed down right away and Xia Lin stopped worrying. “Mr. Ling, even if you don’t care about your own life, you should be considerate of others. It’s too easy to get into an accident at high speeds like that.”

Ling Yi Zhou glanced sideways at her. He smiled as he said, “I bought this land. It’s not developed yet. Nobody’s here.”

“Oh…” Xia Lin choked. She felt awkward about what she had just said.

She was about to open her mouth and bring up the other choice he mentioned, but Ling Yi Zhou’s cellphone on the dashboard started vibrating. The screen lit up.

Ling Yi Zhou looked at her and didn’t pick up.

The second time it vibrated, Xia Lin couldn’t help but remind him, “Someone’s calling your cell.”

Ling Yi Zhou slowed all the way down and finally picked up his phone. “Grandma.”

Xia Lin couldn’t help but giggle. Such a cold and arrogant man was someone’s grandson. She thought that was amusing.

By her side, Ling Yi Zhou gave her a look and she quickly stopped laughing. She didn’t expect that he would then put the phone next to her ear, only saying, “Answer.”

The hell I’m answering! Xia Lin really wanted to swear at him. Why should I answer your grandma’s call?

But an extremely affectionate voice came through the phone. “Young lady, what’s your name?” Xia Lin softened immediately.

“I… I’m Xia Lin… Yes, Lin with two Mus. Birthday? August 13th.” Xia Lin looked at Ling Yi Zhou for help, but he only paid attention to his driving and didn’t even glance at her.

“Do you have a nickname?” On the phone, grandma was still asking.

“Yes, my nickname is Mu Mu. Um, Grandma Ling, I’m going to hand the phone to Mr.Ling now.”

“Hold on.” Grandma Ling asked with a happy laugh, “Mu Mu, you’re in Yi Zhou’s car right now, right?”

“Uh, yes.”

“Where in the car are you sitting?”


“Haha, great. Don’t bother giving the phone to Yi Zhou. Tell him to come home to visit me when he has time.”

Xia Lin hung up and gave the phone back to Ling Yi Zhou. “Your grandma said to go home to visit her when you have time.”

“Marry me,” Ling Yi Zhou said suddenly.

Suddenly, the car was so quiet you could hear the two of them breathing. Xia Lin thought she misheard or imagined it. She rubbed her ears. Only then did Ling Yi Zhou turn to take in her expression.

The next moment, Xia Lin wanted to exit the car in a fit of fury. “Ling Yi Zhou, stop the car! That’s way too overboard. What do you think I am? Besides, marriage is a big deal. You must be used to being a playboy, to say something like this!”

Yet Ling Yi Zhou faced her rage with unexpected calm. “My family is pressuring me to marry. Incidentally, you need a reason to convince me to donate my come my bone marrow to you. Also note, I’ve never been a playboy.”

“What does your family pressuring you to marry have to do with me? Your grandma is so nice. You can’t change her mind? Why is it so difficult for you to help someone out of the kindness of your heart, just once? Besides, do you want to be married to someone with whom there’s no affection for your entire life?”

“If it’s you, I’m willing to try.” Ling Yi Zhou finally stopped the car. “Think it over.”

Xia Lin felt Ling Yi Zhou was really peculiar. He really was an unscrupulous businessman. He wanted payment for even just a bit of bone marrow. She got out of the car and said right away, “No need, Mr. Ling. It’s not worth considering at all!” After that, she walked away with any hesitation.

From inside the car, Ling Yi Zhou watched her walk away. His eyes flickered between brightness and dimness. In this world, there was reality and fantasy, but most people preferred to stay in fantasy, with its romance, honeyed words, and wantonness.

Xia Lin returned to her dorm and fell into her bed. She had spent the past several days chasing Ling Yi Zhou in the wind and in the rain. She was tired, so tired. She never expected that that would be the request he made. What could he be thinking!

Someone suddenly pushed hard on her stomach. Xia Lin reacted by sitting up and holding her hurt tummy. “Fei Fei, stop playing around. My body can’t handle this kind of abuse.”

Her best friend Jia Fei loved to greet people like this. But Xia Lin rubbed her tummy. Her body really couldn’t handle any abuse right now.

“Mu Mu, are you still feeling down because of that bastard Zhao Jia Yan?” Jia Fei pulled her into a hug. “These days you’re always leaving early and coming back late. Are you going somewhere to hide while you cry? Where have you been hiding? How come I haven’t been able to find you?”

Jia Fei’s big bosom was almost going to suffocated Xia Lin, but Xia Lin was worried she would only upset Jia Fei again. So she stayed in her embrace to avoid the topic.

That’s right, the day after she was diagnosed with leukemia, Xia Lin saw with her own eyes: Zhao Jia Yan, her boyfriend of six years, in an embrace with her roommate, Qin Jing. They were kissing passionately outside their dorm building.

The whole building had cheered them on.

She had collapsed into a heap of misery.

When Jia Fei slapped Zhao Jia Fei furiously for her, she realized she didn’t even have the courage to interrogate Zhao Jia Yan.

They had known each other since high school. They had only another half a year until college graduation. They had even promised mischievously to give each other their first kiss and their first night on graduation night. Yet Zhao Jia Yan couldn’t wait even half a year.

“Zhao Jia Yan is leaving the country tomorrow, with Qin Jing,” Just Fei said. “I really should’ve just given that bastard a beating back then, hit him until his face looked like a pig. So that he can’t get past customs and leave the country!”

Just then, the door to the dorm room opened. Qin Jing entered. She saw Xia Lin, and looked away in remorse. Without a word, she started packing.

There were few women over in the production department. Qin Jing was actually the quietest. Zhao Jia Yan was the type who was keen on crowds and rock and roll. Xia Lin hadn’t expected him to like someone like Qin Jing.

“Huh, I was wondering who’s back. Isn’t this the future repat?” Jia Fei had also been with Xia Lin since high school and watched Zhao Jia Yan and Xia Lin’s relationship get stronger every year. Suddenly, this happened. She was the most angry bystander!

Plus, with her rash personality, there was no mercy in her words. Xia Lin didn’t stop Jia Fei. She also wanted to know what kind of explanation Qin Jing would give.

Qin Jing bit her lower lip. Suddenly, she turned around. “Xia Lin, I’m sorry!”

“You think an ‘I’m sorry’ is enough?” Jia Fei pointed at Qin Jing. “Qin Jing, ask your conscience how Xia Lin has treated you all these years. When you spiked a fever, she carried you to the school hospital in the middle of the night. Look at your relative heights and weights. I really don’t know how she carried you that day. And all the time you’ve spent talking because you had classes together. How could you get together with Zhao Jia Yan without saying anything? Have you ever considered Xia Lin’s feelings?”

Qin Jing closed her eyes and cried. She could only keep repeating she was sorry.

Xia Lin’s face was also smeared with tears. She pulled Jia Fei back. “When did you two start seeing each other?”

Qin Jing paused. Her lip trembled. She answered after a long moment, “A year ago.”

“What?” Jia Fei jumped up. Xia Lin slumped down listlessly, her face paled. A year. Haha. She really wanted to go somewhere and scold her stupid self for three days straight.

“Mu Mu, what’s wrong?” Jia Fei hugged her, no longer having energy to yell at Qin the affair partner.

“Fei Fei, you said just now Zhao Jia Yan is leaving the country tomorrow?”


“I want to see him one last time.”

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