Game of the Wealthy: Privately Kept Sweetheart Treasure 豪门游戏:私宠甜心宝贝 – Title Page



Original summary

She lost six years of her life to a rat bastard. When she was dying, her boyfriend ran off with someone else.

With no other choice, she walked towards the man with unmatched power and money, who was arrogant and cold. “Donate your bone marrow to me!”

His clear gaze shuttered. “I would never did it for charity. Unless you devote your life to me.”

She yelled, “You’re crazy!”

The man watched her angry silhouette as she left and smiled. Not only was he going to give her his bone marrow, he was going to give himself to her as a package deal.

Translator’s thoughts

This is the novel that Well Intended Love was based on, although it is actually quite different.

Is has almost 700 chapters! I’m actually a pretty busy person so I don’t how if or when I’ll finish, but I’ll be working on this in my spare time. Also, due to the length, I’m not going to really edit it in depth. If you think it needs editing AND you want to edit it, please let me know.

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